On the 24th of January, 2015, Sr. Nilman Tirkey was filled with joy as she took an important step in her life. She professed, for the first time, in the presence of more than a thousand witnesses, the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, pledging herself to be true to the Congregation of the Religious of Mary Immaculate.
Sr. Nilmani Tirkey is a young girl from the tribal regions of Jharkand, in the north of India. She found her vocation when she became a member of our Social Center in Mumbai, Regina Pacis. She worked as a domestic worker for some years before she took the decision to join the sisters in their mission.
The Mass was celebrated in Regina Pacis on, Saturday the 24th of January because this was the Feast day of Regina Pacis. Fr. Lancy Pinto celebrated the mass in Hindi. The young tribal girls dressed in colourful clothes set a good beginning to the whole experience. They entered in festive procession escorting Sr, Nilmani and her party to the hall. The mass was attended by more than five hundred catholic girls of the Social Center because being a Saturday, the day when the Social Center meets for classes, they were free to attend the Mass. Apart from them there were the family and friends of Sr. Nilmani who came all the way from Jharkhand and the young girls in the boarding. Many sisters too from other communities all came to Bombay for the event. It was indeed a beautiful Eucharistic celebration that passed a message to all young girls not to be afraid to surrender their will to the Lord. Sr. Nilmani’s former employers too attended the Mass even though they were not a Christian family. They felt proud to see that the young girl who once worked for them in their home was now a young sister, ready to take on a mission for the Lord.
We, the RMI in India, are very proud and happy to welcome Sr. Nilmani to our Congregation. We hope that she may find true joy as she walks daily in the presence of the Lord. Congratulations Sr. Nilmani.

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